Parish Council Documents

The Library contains all documents that the Council is required to display in terms of the 'Transparency Code for Smaller Councils' (those with an annual turnover of less than £25,000), of which Long Buckby is not but are still happy to provide these details for information purposes.

Older documents are available, on application to the Clerk, whose contact details are on the Parish Council page.

Agendas for forthcoming meetings are posted no later than 3 clear working days ahead of the meeting. The approved minutes, accounts and any documents reviewed at the meeting, are published as soon as possible thereafter.

Standing Orders

Code of Conduct 

Equal Opportunities Policy 

Employee Grievance Policy 

Financial Regulations 2019

Risk Assessment Policy 


CIL Report 2016-17 (Community Infrastructure Levy)

CIL Report 2017-18 (Community Infrastructure Levy) 

CIL Report 2018-19 (Community Infrastructure Levy)

CIL Report 2019-20 (Community Infrastructure Levy)

CIL Report 2020-21 (Community Infrastructure Levy)

CIL Report 2021-22 (Community Infrastructure Levy)


Vexatious Policy 

Complaints Policy 

Recording of Public Meetings Policy

Communications Policy 

Grant Awarding Policy 

Parish Councillor Co-Opting Policy 



CCTV Guidelines

CCTV Policy 

CCTV Strategic Summary 

Subject Access Request Document 

CCTV - Request for Footage 



General Privacy Notice

Data Breach Policy 

Data Map 2018

Data Protection Policy

PC Staff & Councillors Privacy Notice

Records Retention Policy 

Subject Access Request Procedure 


Audit 2022-23

Public Rights Access Notice 2022-23

Accounting Statement 2022-23 

Accounts Summary 2022-23

Annual Governance Statement 2022-23 

Annual Internal Report 2022-23

Internal Report Summary 2022-23 

Explanation of Variances 2022-23 

External Audit Report 2022-23

External Audit 2022-23 - Conclusion Notice


Audit 2021-22

Public Rights Access Notice 2021-22

Accounting Statement 2021-22 

Accounts Summary 2021-22

Annual Governance Statement 2021-22 

Annual Internal Report 2021-22

Internal Report Summary 2021-22 

Explanation of Variances 2021-22 

External Audit Report 2021-22

External Audit 2021-22 - Conclusion Notice


Audit 2020-21

Public Rights Access Notice 2020-21

Accounting Statement 2020-21 

Accounts Summary 2020-21 

Annual Governance Statement 2020-21 

Annual Internal Report 2020-21

Internal Report Summary 2020-21 

Explanation of Variances 2020-21 

External Audit Report 2020-21

External Audit 2020-21 - Conclusion Notice


Audit 2019-20

Accounting Statement 2019-20 

Accounts Summary 2019-20 

Annual Governance Statement 2019-20 

Annual Internal Report 2019-20

Internal Report Summary 2019-20 

Explanation of Variances 2019-20 

Public Rights Access Notice 2019-20

External Audit Report 2019-20

External Audit 2019-20 - Conclusion Notice


Audit 2018-19

Accounting Statement 2018-19 

Accounts Summary 2018-19 

Annual Governance Statement 2018-19 

Annual Internal Report 2018-19

Internal Report Summary 2018-19 

Explanation of Variances 2018-19 

Public Rights Access Notice 2018-19

External Audit Report 2018-19

External Audit 2018-19 - Conclusion Notice


Audit 2017-18

Accounting Statement 2017-18

Accounts Summary 2017-18 

Annual Governance Statement 2017-18

Annual Internal Report 2017-18 

Explanation of Variances 2017-18

Internal Audit Report 2017-18 

Public Rights Notice 2017-18

External Audit Report

External Audit - Conclusion Notice

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