05 June 2018
Call for bus users in Northamptonshire!

Call for bus users in Northamptonshire

We are currently considering whether there is a legal case to challenge Northamptonshire County Council’s decision to cut all bus services and the way it’s gone about this.  To this end we are keen to hear from anyone who lives and uses the buses in Northamptonshire and will be affected by these cuts.

Please get in touch – we need your support with this.

Email chris.todd@bettertransport.org.uk

There are three grounds for objection to the withdrawal of all funding for socially necessary bus services. –

1)    Failure by the council to meet its obligation to fund the services under the Transport Act.

2)    Failure by the council to meet its obligations under equal opportunities legislation.

3)    Failure to properly consult those affected by the decision.

It seems likely that all local authority bus subsidy will end on Saturday July 21st , just after the end of the school Summer term.   Bus companies must give 56  days  notice  of any change to services, including  complete withdrawal. Very little information seems to be coming from Northamptonshire County Council, unless anyone in the affected parishes knows more. If so please let Chris Todd know. 

The cabinet member responsible for public transport is Councillor Ian Morris.


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