06 January 2021
E-Scooter Legislation

I am sending this message out on behalf of Northamptonshire Police, Safer Roads.
As you may already be aware, E-Scooters have become increasingly more popular over the past few months. At this time, personal bought scooters are not deemed as road legal and cannot be used in any public area in Northamptonshire and across the UK.

Northampton and Kettering town councils are currently introducing VOI rental scooters as part of their green scheme. VOI e-scooters are the only road legal scooters operating in the county at present and are being trialled to offer an alternative form of transport for people aged 18+ (riders must have a full or provisional licence).

VOI scooters are heavily modified to ensure that they meet road safety standards which enables them to be insured, unlike personal brought e-scooters. For further information around VOI and how they work, please visit their website or download the app.

It is essential that we get the relevant information out around the use of e-scooters and how people can enjoy their purchases legally. Scooters come under the same legislation as any other motor vehicle so require a License, MOT, Tax and Insurance in order to be used in public. Riding a personal bought scooter in a public place causes the user to commit traffic offences and will result in the scooter being seized.

Northamptonshire Police are continuing to engage with those using privately owned e-scooters providing education around legislation, and where necessary enforcing this.
Please ensure you are fully aware of the law around e-scooters before purchasing one or using the VOI rentals in order to help keep both road and pedestrian users safe.

Kind regards,
PCSO Stokes

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