14 October 2020
Long Buckby CCTV System

Long Buckby Parish Council have recently installed a new CCTV System to monitor the centre of the village.  For your information, please find listed the following guidance:

Long Buckby Parish CCTV System Guidance Notes

1. Routinely, CCTV monitors public space (not individuals) 24hrs a day for 365 days a year

2. The system’s operation conforms fully to the UK CCTV Commissioner’s code of practice.

3. The remote Control Centre is staffed by fully trained & qualified CCTV surveillance officers

4. Images are securely stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.

5. Data is retained for 30 days after which time it is automatically deleted

6. Long Buckby Parish Officers and Councillors have no access to the data

7. Under the terms of the scheme images may only be viewed for the following purposes:

a) Crime prevention & detection

b)Maintenance of public order

8. The data can normally only be used for evidence gathering purposes by requestors, such as:

a) Police

b) Statutory Authorities with powers to prosecute (e.g. Customs & Excise, Trading Standards)

c) Solicitors

d) Accused persons or defendants in criminal proceedings

e) Claimants in civil proceedings

9. Individuals have the right to request access to information on the system regarding themselves - but no one else.

N.B. By law, data access requests must be for a reason that accords with the purposes of the scheme (see point 7 above) and they must provide the operator sufficient information to easily locate the data (e.g. accurate descriptions and a limited time window). A fee will normally be payable for this service and each request must be accompanied by a full-face picture of the subject & two original documents confirming his/her address.

Full details of the Subject Access process can be found in the document ‘Procedure for the Release of Evidence’ on the Parish Council website, available to view here

Questions about the scheme should be addressed to the Parish Clerk either in writing or email - Sue Porter, 3 Packwood Close, Daventry, Northants, NN11 8AJ. E-Mail: longbuckbyparishcouncil@yahoo.com


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