12 March 2020
CoronaVirus Measures

Long Buckby Parish Coronavirus Measures

This is not a plan for everyone to self isolate, or indeed a call to lock down the boundaries of the Parish to try and avoid the spread of infections.  But it is a call to raise awareness of the potential influence and impact of the current coronavirus crisis on the residents of Long Buckby and Long Buckby Wharf.

You will appreciate that a many of our residents in the Parish are aged or retired, and for whom, should they fall ill, it may/will take them longer to recover. 

In addition, they may not be in a position to go shopping on a regular basis, and in the current 'panic buying' scenarios leading to many shortages, they may not have sufficient quantities of everyday items to get by, leaving them vulnerable to shortages and inconvenience.

Hence, what I am asking is for everyone to look out for each other and your neighbours, especially during the current coronavirus crisis.

If you have aged people living nearby, please call round to check that they are ok.  Do they have enough everyday items to get by?  Is there anything you can help them with?

It is a simple request, and one that is easy to do, and equally one that could help so many others.

Hence, between us all, it would be much appreciated if we could all look out for our residents to ensure that everyone is ok in this current health crisis.

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