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17 July 2018Parish Council Meeting - Monday 23rd July 2018

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Monday 23rd July 2018 at 7:30pm in Long Buckby Library.

A copy of the Agenda is available to view here

Everyone welcome.

12 July 2018Street Lighting Upgrade - 2018

New Lamps for Old

Over the next few weeks you will notice the colour of all our old sodium streetlights will be changing from their characteristic amber/yellow colour to a warm-white

We are changing the bulbs that we use.

The lighting industry is changing and we have to move with the times

The pale blue mercury vapour lamps (of which we have about 70) are no longer produced. Mercury is nasty stuff to get into the environment, the lamps are now very inefficient and they are effectively banned. The same is rapidly becoming true for sodium lanterns with the one remaining UK manufacturer scaling back production with a view to eventual discontinuation.

The reason is simple; the new generation of lamps use a lot less electricity and have a much longer lifespan.  The upshot of this is that the Parish lighting bill will be reduced by more than £5000 in a full year and our carbon footprint (for lighting) will shrink by more than half. This has to be a good thing.

It may take some of us a little while to become accustomed to the colour change but, as you start to experience it, it is worth bearing in mind that the new lamps are in fact significantly less bright than the old ones. The white light gives better colour rendition enabling the eye to discern objects more clearly at a reduced brightness. Unfortunately the eye doesn’t understand this and at first sight concludes, wrongly, that the light is brighter.

03 July 2018Parish Council Meeting - Monday 9th July

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Monday 9th July 2018 at 7:30pm in Long Buckby Library.

A copy of the Agenda is available to view here

Everyone welcome.

03 July 2018Road Closure - Lodge Lane, Long Buckby

Anglian Water are requiring to install a new meter on a section of Lodge Lane between Northampton Road and the entrance to Uplands Farm. 

To undertake this safely will require that this section of road will be closed from the 23rd July until the 5th August 2018.

29 June 2018Rural communities encouraged to use online crime reporting facility

Rural residents and workers are being encouraged to use an online reporting form to alert police to any suspicious or criminal activity in their area.


Northamptonshire Police’s rural crime team, whose remit includes wildlife and heritage crime, wants to hear from people about anything which strikes them as out of the ordinary.


PC Abbey Anstead said: “We always want to hear about incidents, and our online reporting form is a really quick and easy way to tell us about non-emergency crime and suspicious activity.


“If you’re a victim of crime or see something that doesn’t seem right, follow your gut instinct and report it to us, because we need the information you have – you are the eyes and ears of your community.


“Don’t worry that you’re wasting our time. No matter how small an incident, we need to know about it so we have an accurate picture of rural criminal activity to help us take targeted action against it.”


The rural crime team is especially keen to encourage people to be aware of and report wildlife-related crime.


PC Anstead said: “Even a small piece of information helps build a bigger picture. Completing the online reporting form only takes a few minutes, and the information provided really does help us better serve our rural communities and protect people and wildlife from harm.”


Report crime and suspicious activity by filling out the online reporting form here




or call 101. In an emergency, dial 999. Information can also be shared anonymously with Crimestoppers by calling 0800 555111.

18 June 2018Important consultation – have your say to help us design the future of local government

Important consultation – have your say to help us design the future of local government

Consultation on a re-structure of local government in Northamptonshire starts today(18th June), with opportunities for all residents, businesses and other stakeholders in the county to have their say.

All eight authorities in Northamptonshire are working on a proposal for the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government that “must command a good deal of local support”, so stakeholders across the county have an opportunity to comment before a final proposal is submitted.

Formal consultation runs from today (18 June) until 22 July 2018.

People are being encouraged to have their say by going online to complete a questionnaire at www.futurenorthants.co.uk

There they will also find a detailed consultation document that fully explains the proposal.

The Government’s invitation to submit a proposal follows a Best Vale Inspection of Northamptonshire County Council, which concluded that its financial, cultural and governance problems could not be solved in isolation and recommended that plans be developed for two unitary authorities.

The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government has asked that the eight authorities in Northamptonshire submit a proposal that meets the following criteria:

·         A single county-wide unitary is explicitly excluded as an option

·         Each new proposed authority must have a population substantially in excess of 300,000

·         The proposal must be based on existing council boundaries.

Alongside the consultation website, copies of the consultation document and the questionnaire will also be available in libraries and local council offices from Monday, 25 June.

Please check your council website for details of venues where you can pick up a copy.

Councillor Chris Millar, Leader of Daventry District Council, said: “It’s really important that people living in Daventry District get involved and have their say as part of this important consultation on the future of their local councils, so please take the opportunity to share your views.”

A representative telephone survey will be carried out and a series of focus groups with representative groups of invited residents will also take place across the county, as well as engagement with other stakeholders.

Other consultations by the local media and by individual councils may take place at the same time, so it’s really important that people respond to the official Local Government Reform Northamptonshire consultation being run by all eight Northamptonshire councils for their comments on the proposal to be considered.

Editor’s notes

In addition to the criteria set out by the Secretary of State, Government has stated:

·         Only one proposal will be accepted, not a range of options

·         It must demonstrate clear potential for savings

·         It must command a good deal of local support

·         Due consideration should be given to recommendations in the Best Value Report

·         Any solution should prioritise the Government’s wider housing and growth agenda

·         Extensive consultation must be carried out

18 June 2018Jessie Lowick-Davies: Thank you

As many of you know, the funeral of Jessie Lowick -Davies took place at Greenhaven Burial Ground, Lilbourne on Sunday 10th June.  We would like to thank the hundreds of people who attended Jessie’s funeral and commend the way everybody conducted themselves, both at Greenhaven and the celebration of her life at The Pavilion, West Haddon.

Whilst it would be impossible to thank everybody personally, we would particularly like to thank the Marque company and WH&G Cricket club for providing such apt facilities, everybody who helped behind the bar and in the kitchen and everyone who provided the wonderful cheeses, cakes and prosecco.  Special thanks to Julie, Towers & Son Administrator and Nick, Greenhaven, for their excellent support which went well beyond their professional responsibilities.

This has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone who knew and loved Jessie and the unbelievable support we have received is a testament to her and a great comfort to all her family and friends

Colin, Jane and family

12 June 2018Public Spaces Protection Order Consultation - Enhanced Dog Control Powers

Have your say!
Daventry District Council is consulting on proposals to extend and increase its powers to address irresponsible dog ownership across the district. Give your feedback!
As well as testing those laws already in place, the Council is keen to take advantage of this opportunity to expand the requirements of the existing Public Spaces Protection Order and consult on more innovative ideas which would extend the remit to encompass other pressing local issues that fall within the description of antisocial behaviour

he Council currently enforces five dog control orders that make it an offence for people who:


·         Fail to pick up after their dog

·         Allow their dog into a designated children’s play area

·         Fail to put their dog on a lead when directed to do so by a Council officer

·         Fail to keep their dog on a lead within a designated area at Daventry Country Park

·         Fail to have the means to pick up after their dog.


It is considering introducing nine additional new powers, which aim to enhance the Council’s ability to deal with irresponsible dog owners. These changes include:


·              Dogs should always be on a lead in graveyards, cemeteries or memorial gardens

·              Dogs should always be kept on leads near schools

·              Dogs should always be kept on leads in built up areas

·              Dogs should be excluded from playing areas of marked and maintained sports pitches (in season)

·              A defined lead length and type of lead is to be used in areas where a dog should be on a lead

·              A restriction on the number of dogs to be walked at any one time

·              Prohibition of smoking from defined children’s play areas

·              Introduce DNA restricted areas of public space

·              Delegation of enforcement powers to parish councils


How to share your views
The consultation period closes at midnight on Tuesday 24 July 2018. 
There is a range of ways to express your views: 
 You can complete the survey online at: www.daventrydc.gov.uk/consultations
 You can request a paper copy of the questionnaire by calling 01327 871100. It can be returned to us via Freepost (no stamp required) by the closing date.
Your views are important. Completing the questionnaire is voluntary and all the information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence. 
No information will be released that could identify an individual or organisation. 
Please note that you need to be aged 16 or over to take part in this survey.
How your views will be used
The outcome of the public consultation will be considered by the Full Council in the autumn of 2018.

05 June 2018Parish Council Meeting - Monday 11th June 2018

Parish Council Meeting - Monday 11th June 2018

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Monday 11th June 2018 at 7:30pm in Long Buckby Library.

A copy of the Agenda is available to view here

Everyone welcome.

05 June 2018Call for bus users in Northamptonshire!

Call for bus users in Northamptonshire

We are currently considering whether there is a legal case to challenge Northamptonshire County Council’s decision to cut all bus services and the way it’s gone about this.  To this end we are keen to hear from anyone who lives and uses the buses in Northamptonshire and will be affected by these cuts.

Please get in touch – we need your support with this.

Email chris.todd@bettertransport.org.uk

There are three grounds for objection to the withdrawal of all funding for socially necessary bus services. –

1)    Failure by the council to meet its obligation to fund the services under the Transport Act.

2)    Failure by the council to meet its obligations under equal opportunities legislation.

3)    Failure to properly consult those affected by the decision.

It seems likely that all local authority bus subsidy will end on Saturday July 21st , just after the end of the school Summer term.   Bus companies must give 56  days  notice  of any change to services, including  complete withdrawal. Very little information seems to be coming from Northamptonshire County Council, unless anyone in the affected parishes knows more. If so please let Chris Todd know. 

The cabinet member responsible for public transport is Councillor Ian Morris.


05 June 2018Diagonal Walking Comes to Long Buckby

Author invites the people of Long Buckby to ‘Walk With Me’ on a million step trek through England 
In a unique experiment, Nick Corble, author of 20 books, is inviting people to share, quite literally, all the steps involved in the writing of his latest book, a travelogue describing a trek ‘slicing through the heart of England’, which passes through Long Buckby on Friday 15th June.
Nick has written over 20 books covering fairgrounds, the canals, a biography of the engineer James Brindley and a number of walking books, as well as fiction.
Nick is inviting people to walk alongside him for parts of the walk, but the thinking behind the project goes much further than that. “I want people to ‘Walk With Me’”, he explains, “and have created all sorts of ways to allow people to follow every step, from social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to regular videos, blogs and podcasts, through which people can be part of the walk and follow the progress - not just of the walk, but also every step involved in the actual writing of a travel book.”
Nick’s first book, published in 2000, followed a trip down the canal system from Skipton to Banbury, and described not only the ups and downs of the voyage, but also took a look at the country on the eve of the millennium. “A lot has happened since then, and I wanted to do something similar, but this time by actually walking - diagonally - passing through the middle of the country”, Nick explains.
The route follows a line drawn at 45 degrees north-west to southeast, through the dead centre of England, hence ‘Diagonal Walking’. Nick is about a third of the way through the trek and on this leg, passing through Long Buckby on Friday 15th June and invites anyone interested in joining him to contact him via email: nick@diagonalwalking.co.uk
NOTES: • The route is about 250 miles long as the crow flies, however Nick estimates he’ll end up walking around double that by the time he’s negotiated natural and man-made obstacles. • The route follows only footpaths, bridleways, towpaths and minor roads wherever possible, staying within three miles either side of the diagonal line • People wanting to walk alongside nick should contact him through the website www.diagonalwalking.co.uk • Nick aims to finish the walk in September.

Contact Nick: nick@diagonalwalking.co.uk 07808 124795

Further information:
www.diagonalwalking.co.uk provides much more information.

Diagonal Walking can be followed on:
Instagram/Twitter: @diagonalwalking

Blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos can be accessed via his web

05 June 2018Grants available now for vulnerable and disabled residents and home owners

Grants to improve and adapt your home

Grants of up to £30,000 available for disabled residents Disabled Facilities Grants of up to £30,000  can be used to fund: ground floor bedrooms and bathrooms, level access showers, widening of doorways, driveways, ramping, parking  solutions and lots more.

Homeowner grants available up to £10,000 Housing Repairs Assistance Grants of up to £5,000 can fund work including: repair or replacement of central heating boilers/radiators, replacement  doors/windows, roof repairs, new security  measures and much more. A further £5,000 of funding is available from an  interest-free loan, repayable only when the  property is sold.

Find out if you’re eligible today!

If you are receiving a means-tested benefit, contact Care & Repair  Daventry District to see if you could be eligible for a grant.

Phone: 01327 871100 Email: CareAndRepair@daventrydc.gov.uk

Find out more at: daventrydc.gov.uk/CareandRepair

04 June 2018Traffic Lights - Allow extra time for your journey!

There are temporary traffic lights on Three Bridges Road, Long Buckby Wharf from Wednesday 30th May to Tuesday 19th June to allow for the installation of concrete barriers to the bridge.

Please allow extra time for your journey during busy periods.

04 June 2018Market Place - Closure

tRIIO are requiring to carry out gas service works on a section of Market Place in Long Buckby. 

To undertake the works safely will require that the road is closed for one day on the 17th June 2018.

01 June 2018Daventry Stage 2 Finish - OVO Energy Women's Tour 2018

Grants of up to £500 are available to community groups across Daventry District wishing to put on events to celebrate The OVO Energy Women's Tour.


The money can be used by a range of community and voluntary groups – as well as schools and pre-schools - to help organise community events and other activities linked with cycling or other forms of sport and activity.


They are being offered by Daventry District Council as part of its preparations for the event, which will see elite cyclists from the world’s top teams race from Rushden to Daventry on Thursday 14 June.


The stage starts at 10.30am and will snake through Northamptonshire and parts of Buckinghamshire before arriving in our District at Canons Ashby shortly before 1pm.


The race will then visit Weedon Bec, Everdon and Newnham, taking on the Newnham Hill climb for the Skoda Queen of the Mountains competition, before passing through Daventry town centre for the first time at about 1.30pm.


It then heads out on a loop through Staverton, Upper Catesby, Hellidon, Priors Marston, Byfield, Woodford Halse and Preston Capes before summiting Newnham Hill a second time to set up a thrilling finale in Daventry town centre at about 2.30pm.



01 June 2018Northants Police - Vehicles of Interest to watch out for!

Vehicles of Interest:


Northamptonshire Police are interested in any information of the following three vehicles:


A silver Mercedes C200 coupe

a silver Volvo S40

a black Honda CRV


These vehicles may be using false number plates and have been seen in suspicious circumstances.


Any sightings please contact Northamptonshire Police on 101

30 May 2018Daventry Neighbourhood Policing Annual Report

Please find attached an Annual Report on Neighbourhood Policing in Daventry District by Sgt Sam Dobbs and a review of policing highlights and lowlights on the town and rural beats. This is sent to parish councils, parish liaison reps, NHW coordinators and Daventry District recipients of Neighbourhood Alert messages. We hope you find it information and useful as an update on how we have protected our community from harm in 2017/18

Annual Review - Highlights & Lowlights 2017-18 - can be viewed here 

Annual Review Letter - can be viewed here 

30 May 2018The History of Long Buckby – Phil Davis’ Legacy

The History of Long Buckby – Phil Davis’ Legacy

For over 40 years, Phil Davis studied, researched, recorded and photographed his adopted village of Long Buckby.  He was interested in all aspects of village life, from farming and fields to families, houses, shops and industries.  He was a long term member of the Local History Society and during his time with the Society he helped produce several booklets including Memories of Long Buckby (1991), Long Buckby in the 1890’s (1994), had the original Mrs. Frost’s Scrapbook typed and photographed and published (1995) and he researched and edited Long Buckby at the Millennium (1999).  He also transcribed and typed copies of the Long Buckby entries for the Censuses up to and including 1911.

He often could be seen taking groups around the village on history walks and undertook many talks and quizzes to clubs and societies in Buckby and surrounding villages on topics as diverse as “Grave Information” to “Emigrants”

Upon Phil’s death in 2017 his family decided to donate his numerous files, presentations and photographs to the Local History Society.  Sadly the original intention of scanning the material and make it publicly available on the internet has had to be abandoned due to copyringht and data protection issues.  This would have enabled the many people searching on line for their links to Long Buckby to see what Phil had recorded on the many Buckby families and homes and other historical facts.

However all the documentation, maps, photographs, photocopies, hardcopies and computer analysis have now been recorded and the items are stored at Long Buckby Local History Society Museum in Station Road.  A summary of all the items has been made and it is shown on the Local History Society Museum website and are also listed here.  Those wanting to see any of the items should approach the Local History Society.  They can be contacted through their Museum website - www.longbuckbymuseum.co.uk

Gretta Davis



29 May 2018Long Buckby & District Gardening Club





29 May 2018Annual Parish Meeting





14 May 2018Daventry District Council - Election Results

Daventry District Council Elections - Thursday 3rd May 2018

OSBORNE Stephen                          949 Votes

MYERS Christopher                          766 Votes

INGLES Peter                                  311 Votes 


09 May 2018Parish Council Meeting - Monday 14th May 2018

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Monday 14th May at 7:30pm in Long Buckby Library.

A copy of the Agenda can be viewed here

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